Royalty Collections - A website dedicated to helping licensors develop and share best practise when collecting royalties

If you're running or setting up a licensing programme, there's one piece of the puzzle that you have to get right: getting paid.

This website is dedicated to the processes that ensure royalty cheques match royalty reports and payments are made according to the original contract. 

With licensing being a $190 Bn business, it's inevitable that some licensees and some licensors are going to fall out over money.

Read on to find out more about the work behind the scenes to collect royalties as part of a licensing programme including:

 Deal terms to negotiate that make it easier to collect royalties
 Benchmark collecting practises
 Clauses you should add to your standard licensing agreement
 Typical negotiations that take place after the contract is signed
 Software you can buy to help your licensing programme
 Who you can trust to collect royalties